SPECOPS Music Briefing - APRIL 2016, NEW full length album from SOLID STATE

Greetings Specops Music fans!

We are proud to present
's new full length album "Vital". Read on for details and a link to buy a digital or physical copy of this EPIC release.
Solid State - Vital

Solid State brings a heavy hitting experience with his first full length album "Vital".

Formerly known as Amphetamine Virus, Solid State is poised to start a new chapter in the deep and heavy world of electronic music. This album is a true listening experience. Drop this in and prepare to be taken on a journey like you have never been on.

From DNB to Dubstep, Downtempo, Breakcore and beyond, this albums sums up a 2 year stint in his studio.

Also featured is a remix by Specops own masters, Abrasion Equation. Solid State and Abrasion Equation frequently collaborate, so this time we see once again the power of these too great artists!

Look below for links to buy

This album will be available as a Digital Beatport Exclusive for 2 weeks and then available everywhere else, including most streaming sites.

Buy digital Here

Or buy a physical CD Here

SPECOPS Music Briefing - OCT 2014, NEW Drum&Bass release from Alpha Hinge!

Greetings all,

Happy Halloween
Got your costume ready? Probably not, we don't either, but...... Specops is proud to present a monster  new DNB/Dubstep/Techno release for you! A single by Alpha Hinge, entitled "Radioactive Fallout", OUT NOW on Beatport! We even have some 'candy' for you! You can get that when you scroll down.
Alpha Hinge - Radioactive Fallout
01 - Original Mix
02 - KidLogic Remix
03 - Shylok Remix
04 - DJ Harp Remix
05 - Somniae Does something Completely Different Remix 

Alpha Hinge makes his official Specops debut with 'Radioactive Fallout', A hard hitting Drum and Bass injection. This track harkens back to earlier days of grit and stone, and features remixes by DJ HARP, KidLogic, Shylok, and Somniae. These remixes go from DNB, dubstep, to techno. Don't miss it! Click HERE topreview it, or click HERE to buy it.

Available: NOW!
Everywhere else: Nov 11th
(itunes, juno download, spotify, muve, amazon...tons more!)
After our Beatport exclusive period, this awesome single will be available at many download sites, including Juno Download, itunes, Amazon, Addictech, Spotify, Muve Music, Digital Tunes, and many more!

We have some great releases coming soon, including a new EP by DJ Harp, and another great release by the mighty Shylok. We might even throw in a free LIVE mix by Abrasion Equation.

Check out our other artists by clicking here. (www.specopsmusic.com)

Alpha Hinge - Acid Ratio

Alpha Hinge brings us a free track as a "thank you" to all of our SPECOPS supporters. "Acid Ratio" is an old skool style acid breaks track, with a hint of hip-hop and funk. Lay this down in a dirty, sexy set. Watch your subs, this one destroys!

Click HERE to get it for free. Just hit BUY IT NOW, and enter 0.00and it's yours! Trick or treat.....? Treat!!!

SPECOPS Music Briefing - FEB 2014, NEW release from DJ HARP

Greetings all,

Welcome to the new year! Have you totally forgotten your new year's resolution? Well, we here at SPECOPS Music have not forgotten. Our resolution is to bring you high quality, ear blasting, mind bending, BASS MUSIC. So here is our first move at accomplishing that mission:
DJ HARP - Unique EP
01 Unique
02 CybaPunk
03 Know What I'm Sayin ft. Ryze
04 Steam Roller
Fresh off the press we have a new EP from DJ HARP. We have not seen a release from him in over a year and this one is special. It provides the crux of jungle, footwork/juke, hip-hop and dub into a twisted fury at the halfstep 85bpm. Unique is the title track and uses a hypnotic Chicago House sample from yester year that stirs up an emotional response as it glides over smooth synth bass and slow-fast beat structures. This one is sure to make the smoker crowd happy!

Click here or the image for an exclusive preview
Available: FEB 18th - Beatport Exclusive!
Everywhere else: MARCH 4th!
After our Beatport exclusive period, this awesome EP will be available at many download sites, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Muve Music, and many more!

We have many tricks up our sleeve this year, and we are very excited to bring you some fresh new tunes. Stay tuned!

Check out our  other artists and by clicking here. (www.specopsmusic.com)

Here is a FREE gift:
Specops Year-end Mixdown
Mixed by Dj Twister

As a 'thank you' to all of you for buying our great tunes, we bring you a mix of the 'Best of SPECOPS 2013'.

As a special bonus, we brought on the skills of Dj Twister to mix these rockin' tracks.

In 2000, Twister hit the scene in San Francisco and is still going strong in Seattle and Portland a decade later. He is known all over the West Coast and through out the Southwest for his dirty electro, funky breaks and mind grabbing techno.

Twister has been featured many times on the radio in San Francisco and neighboring cities.
In 2010 he was asked to host his own 2-hour radio show on www.DEFINITIVEBEATS.com, an Internet radio station out of London, England. He has also made many guest appearances on Cleveland's Under Ground DJ Network (www.UNDJN.com).

Twister has also headlined in Albuquerque's premier Lotus Nightclub and VIP Lounge, he has
held residencies in Seattle and Albuquerque and has played all over Denver, Los Angeles, Portland and other various cities throughout the west coast and mid west.

In other words, GET IT HERE! or click the SPECOPS Logo!

SPECOPS Music Briefing - Happy Holidays + FREE Download!

Greetings all,

It's that crazy time of the year where we feel like everyone has to buy presents for everyone else. Well, we jumped on the bandwagon and decided to give you all a little gift.  Plus! The new full-length
 Abrasion Equation album is ready for purchase. So whip up an eggnog, sit back,  and read below for details.

Abrasion Equation - Applying Friction To Fractions (SPECLP001)
Hot off the press, Abrasion Equation has released their long anticipated full length album! This is a physical release that includes a digital copy with purchase. The album is a sonic journey through dub, ambient, techno, and breaks. Intended to be played from beginning to end, this album will take you on a trip
The album features guest musicians Ned Wahl (Chemlab, 16 Volt), Mytch Meadows (Deep Purple), Ali Baba (noted Afican folk singer), and more. Plus remixes buy Dash EXP, DJ HARP, KidLogic, St Somewhere (Ghreg On Earth), B1t Crunch3r, and Sad Music For Happy Humans. You can purchase your copy HERE or just click the picture

Stay tuned for some killer releases in 2014. January will see the release of an EP by Parallel, you can check his stuff HERE. February will see the release of an EP by the label boss himself, DJ HARP. You can get a preview of that by clicking HERE. All SPECOPS digital  releases are available through many distributors, including iTunes, Beatport, Dj Tunes, and more. Also you can download/stream our tunes from Spotify and MUVE Music.

Here is your free gift:

SPECOPS Music Podcast Nov 2013
Label Boss DJ HARP brings you a trip-into-bass with a new podcast for the holdiays. This DJ Mix is a real stomper, sure to get you riled up to go out for a night of party music. This mix features tracks from his upcoming EP on SPECOPS.

Here is the tracklist:

Om Unit - Ulysses VIP
DJ HARP - Steam Roller
Krampfhaft - I Needed You (Om Unit Remix)
DJ HARP - Unique
Joker & Ginz - Purple City (Danny Scrilla Refix)
DJ Harp ft. Ryze - Know What I'm Sayin
Moresounds - Analog Steak (Danny Scrilla Remix)
DJ HARP - Cyba Punk
Machinedrum - Gunshotta
Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Om Unit's Rollers VIP)
Fracture Ft. Dawn Day Night - Get Busy (DLX RMX)

get it free HERE or click the SPECOPS logo

SPECOPS Music Briefing - AUG 2013 + FREE Download!

Greetings all,

After a bit of a hiatus, we present a new artist to the Specops line up: Shylok.
Shylok is heavily known in the NW United States as an accomplished DNB and dubstep DJ, and has been tearing up dance floors for years. Building from his knowledge of electronic music, he turned to production, and this is what we proudly present here.

Shylok (feat. Relic) - "Total Protonic Reversal" and "Time Warp"

Shylok (feat Relic), comes out of the gate HARD with two slammin tracks for the 26th Specops release.

First up is "Total Protonic Reversal". This track is full-on dubstep, but not to be confused with the "run of the mill" stuff, this track OWNS. Full of great sci-fi samples, this track is a guaranteed dance floor Destroyer.

Next up is "Time Warp". This track is for the DNB headz, and it does not dissappoint. Amen breaks and cuts all over the place with a hint of IDM and breakcore, this track will rock any DNB night in your scene. We had a hard time choosing which was the a-side and which was the b-side, both tracks SLAM.

click the picture for a preview

or go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QYNxSiDcfM

These tracks will be available for purchase August 27th, 2013. As always they will be Beatport exlusive for 2 weeks, then available to over 30 distributors online, including Juno Download and itunes.
Also for all you Muve Music and Spotify users, ALL Specops releases are now available to stream/download. So hit it up!



As promised we have FREE gifts for you (Who doesn't like free stuff?):

Alpha Hinge - "Let's Start This"

(Click the picture at left for the free download)
or go here:

First up is a FREE track from upcoming Specops artist, Alpha Hinge. Alpha Hinge is Jared Scott (one half of Specops recording artist Abrasion Equation, and also Dj Flak). Alpha Hinge is his solo project and usually involves all kinds of electronic music. This time out he brings a BANGIN breakbeat track. This track is sure to work people into a frenzy. It has some great melodic acid lines and a suprise old skool rap.

Just hit  BUY NOW and enter 0.00 for the price and it's yours for FREE!

SPECOPS Music Podcast - AUG 2013

Mixed By Flak And Shylok

A Podcast of rockin' Specops tunes mixed by none other than our featured artists this month:  Shylok and Flak. This mix is a great look at the current Specops tunes and a few of what's to come...

Click the Specops logo or go here to download:



Stay tuned, the Abrasion Equation album is DONE  (CD's are printed!), and we will be making September's release another new artist on our roster.
P.S. He goes by "Parallel" and you don't even know how crazy this is gonna blow your mind.

Thanks for reading, keep up the good fight for quality bass music. See ya next briefing!

-Specops Crew

SPECOPS Music Briefing - DEC 2012 + FREE Download!

Greetings all from the SPECOPS Music camp! We are proud to present some killer new bass music tunes, plus a FREE download! SPECOPS has been very busy lately, crafting some quality releases we hope you will enjoy at home and on the dance floor. Here is a run-down of the upcoming releases available exclusively on Beatport Dec 18th, 2012 (FREE download at the bottom):
DJ HARP - Train Wrecka EP (SPECDR023)

1. Train Wrecka
4. The Cape
SPECOPS Music bringing the Bass Music heat with label boss, DJ HARP. This EP titled, Train Wrecka, pulls all the stops with twisting techno loops that swing heavily upon a massive platform of bass and snapping snares. The title track, Train Wrecka maintains the footprint of combining deep Detroit techno synth stabs with post UK Garage/Grime 4x4 sensibility.
click the picture for a preview
Uncommon Sense - Internet Threat EP (SPECDR025)

1. Buoyant Force
2. Travels
3. Predatory
SPECOPS Music welcomes a new face to the roster of bass music artists. Uncommon Sense comes out of the gate full of energy with the 'Internet Threat EP'. A collection of three tracks, this release certainly will not disappoint. The first track, 'Bouyant Force', sets the stage with filtered beats and a slow acid line, building as it goes. 'Travels' has a nice music box intro that melds into a prime Drum and Bass beat. 'Predatory' closes with a deep, moving hip hop sound.
Click the picture for a preview
Both EP's will be available for exclusive purchase December 18th atwww.beatport.com , On Jan 1st, 2013, they will be available at our other fine distributors (iTunes, Juno Download, Digital-Tunes, ETC)

As promised we have a FREE gift for you:
(Click the picture at left for the free download)

B1t Crunch3r - Social Equilibrium (feat. Abrasion Equation)  - SPECFR002

SPECOPS artists Abrasion Equation and B1t Crunch3r have collaborated on a brain melting track entitled "Social Equilibrium". This tune incorporates a hypnotic flow while showcasing samples from president JFK. Broken beats and tripped out synths abound, ready to take you on a twisted journey.  A killer tune and you get it for FREE! Just enter 'zero' for the price and you get it for FREE!
Also be on the look out for the upcoming Abrasion Equation album, "Friction To Fractions". This will be a physical release and feature remixes by Kid Logic, DJ HARP, B1t Crunch3r, Ghreg On Earth, and Sad Music for Happy Humans.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Stay tuned for a killer 2013 release schedule!

SPECOPS Music Briefing 1.0 - Releases and FREE MUSIC!

Specops Music is relaunching, a fresh start in the new year. Our mission to bring quality bass music to the masses stays the same and we've gotten a new distributor to help us fulfill our mission. SPECOPS will be continuing to release new material from our killer roster of bass music masters as well as finding the best new talent from around the globe. Deep and dark, thoughtful and inventive, tech flavored and forward thinking, SPECOPS music will be in your ears and on your playlists in 2012 and beyond.

Re-Releases out Tuesday 13/3/12:

OUT TOMORROW! Starting out our release schedule for the new year is a re-release of the first set of tunes to grace the SPECOPS Music nameplate, built by the bossman himself Portland's DJ Harp. First up is "Twin Peakz" a heavy lfo bassline thriller of a tune with a vibe straight out of the northwest town it gets its name from. On the flip side is "Rap as a Weapon", a collaboration with Ryze+Fall (also one half of Abrasion Equation), a distorted roller with a chilled out agenda and heavy beats coexisting to make a monster tune. Dark, energetic, deep and bass-heavy, this release is the perfect opening salvo from the SPECOPS arsenal of artists. Available on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and other download sites March 13th, 2012. (click the artwork to listen)

Check out DJ Harp on Soundcloud

Also on the block for the first round of tunes is recent Portland transplant KidLogic's latest SPECOPS release, "Mudpie" and "Problem Solver". "Mudpie" opens the release with a loose beat and a guitar chug that develops into a full blown mover that's equal parts UK funky and us funk. "Problem Solver" follows suit and evolves into a deep Rhodes driven soulful groove, but not before droppin some funk nuggets of guitar and organ to kick the tune off right. Deep and funky, these two tracks are sure to make you move. Available on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and other download sites March 13th, 2012. (click the artwork to listen)

Check out KidLogic on Soundcloud

Free Download: Problem Solver (Uncommon Sense Remix)

To help spread the word about the relaunch, we've enlisted the remixing skills of Portland local Uncommon Sense and gave him the parts to KidLogic's "Problem Solver". Spaced out and atmospheric, but with a funky groove and a nice surprise change-up at the end, this track is a perfect way to kick of the second stage of SPECOPS mission.

Download KidLogic - Problem Solver (Uncommon Sense Remix)

Check out Uncommon Sense on Soundcloud

UP NEXT: Out on March 27th, 2012! (click artwork to preview tracks)

Abrasion Equation "Paint By Numbers" EP out Spring 2012

SPECOPS Music release #021 comes from the deep damp Northwest city of Portland OR, courtesy of the mighty Abrasion Equation. "Paint by Numbers" is a cosmic skanker from beyond, a deep yet energetic enigma of a tune that bounces along on tribal drums one minute before plunging you into a breakdown ripe with chugging syncopated guitars and a beautiful melody. Tripped out vocal samples float through creamy pads that hold the tune together before the groove and synth take over and drive the tune to its peak before letting you down nice and slow, leaving you confused, breathless and ready for more. This ep will also feature multiple remixes of this epic tune from SPECOPS artists including DJ Harp's tom-driven juke inspired take on it and KidLogic's dnb rework.

Check out Abrasion Equation on Soundcloud

Upcoming SPECOPS Music Releases

SPECDR022 - Abrasion Equation "Paint by Numbers" EP - Spring 2012

SPECDR023 - Sept EP - Spring 2012

SPECDR024 - DJ Harp EP - Early Summer 2012

SPECDR025 - B1t Crunch3r and Abrasion Equation - Summer 2012

SPECLP001 - Abrasion Equation "Friction into Fractions" Album - Summer 2012